End of Summer Blockbuster Alert: ABOT has $78,000,000 in assets and Only 185,000 in its Float

Let's close out the summer with a Bang! ABOT could be one of the biggest "hidden gems" we've seen all year!

Today is going to be fun.


  1. OTCMarkets says the float on ABOT is 185,039.
  2. Just released: The company’s most recent quarterly report lists total assets at $78Mln!
  3. The RSI is 41 at the moment, meaning ABOT seems to have been oversold of late and could be in for a major bounce ahead!

$78Mln in Assets + Small Float + Big Bounce = This could be Nuts

As you know I normally don’t just jump into a play like that, but what we’re seeing here could be Very Exciting… and as we close out a sensational summer, ABOT could be a Monster… and could be the perfect way to end it.

Click on the link; see for yourself, it’s viewable from any size device.

ABOT has made not just one groundbreaking acquisition in recent months, but also signed an LOI in regards to another huge acquisition.

This has been yet another Scorching Hot Summer… and we’ve seen some Giants along the way. Tonight, with our win streak going strong, it’s time for a hot new play.

During the past couple of months we’ve been highly selective and incredibly careful about what companies to profile. Over this time we’ve seen a whole lot of green, green and more green. We’ve seen multiple triple digit moves and runs that would make any trader’s jaw drop to the floor… and tonight we’re going to revisit one of these monster runners.

Just before the summer began we looked at a company, ABOT, with growing assets and a breakthrough technology in the “world’s largest industry.” That company went on to climb 50% in a single day and has seen enormous volume.

There are a lot of people who benefited at that time who would love the to see a similar situation come around again!

Well, after a recent slide and after releasing financials with enormous assets, ABOT is back on the VERY TOP of our watchlist. With a tiny, tiny float and a lot going for it right now, ABOT could be the next scorching hot summer Beast:

Tonight's new play is
ABT Mining Co. Inc. (ABOT)

ABT Holdings Website
AutoClaim Website

ABOT Quote

ABOT is engaged in acquiring, developing, and growing various businesses in several sectors; these include: mobile app, software development, information technologies, mining, logistics and other sectors.

As of ABOT’s last filing dated June 30, 2015, its total assets were valued at over 78Mln USD!

Two of the major agreements that were recently signed by ABOT are:

  1. The acquisition of the “AutoClaim” Commercial App and Premium Domain Name
  2. ABOT also signed an LOI to acquire controlling interest in Scoobez (www.scoobeez.com), which will include the acquisition of all affiliated companies, proprietary and intellectual property rights, technology rights, and business rights.

And if that doesn’t get your blood flowing, check out ABOT’s flagship product (link is viewable from any device): “AutoClaim” Mobile App - www.autoclaim.com

The Company’s app is scheduled to be released as a free download to personal (individual) users between Q4 2015 and Q1 2016. And that’s Just a Couple Months Away!

If you haven’t clicked on the Company’s very impressive website above, do so now. Or copy the URL and paste it into your browser… one way or another this is a site you need to visit for your research.

The Company, the numbers, its technologies and the way it presents itself are far and above what you’d expect from an small market company… ABOT is the “Real Deal”.

The domain alone could be worth Mln’s…

…based on precedent transactions, premium insurance domain names have been sold at an increased valuation with higher premium paid by the acquiring companies. Some of the relevant transactions in this space include the purchase price for insurance.com at 35.6Mln in 2010, Insure.com at 16Mln and Interne.com at 18Mln in 2009.

What you need to know about the world’s biggest industry:

Insurance is known as “the world’s biggest industry”… and the auto-insurance market is one of my personal specialties. To start off, I’ll tell you something you may not know, there is one thing that auto insurance providers care about above all else:

The time it takes to process a claim.

I’ll go a bit further to provide you some additional insight. When a claim is filed insurance companies are obligated to pull money out of its investment pool to set aside for the claim. They want to get that money back into that pool as soon as possible because while it is not in there they are losing interest and potential investment dollars…

… the faster they can get that claim processed the faster the balance is returned to the pool.

It may not sound like much when you’re thinking about just your policy… but multiply that by all of the other policies they insure.

Nothing matters more than returning that money to the pool as fast as possible and recently these big companies have been falling all over themselves as they try to find the best technologies that provide the fastest solutions.

Do you really think that those technologies and apps that you see on the now famous Progressive and All State commercials are for your benefit?

The commercial might lead you to think they’re for your benefit, but the truth is that these technologies help them process claims faster.

It’s a HUGE MARKET and ABOT has something with the potential to be a very powerful force in it.

The Market:

As I’m sure you already know, both the Mobile App and Auto Insurance markets are absolutely enormous.

The Mobile App Industry is the Company’s primary focus as it has become the leading digital platform, with total activity on smartphones and tablets accounting for 60% of digital media time spent in the U.S.

With more than 10 vehicle accidents taking place every minute and over 90% of the accident victims using a smartphone, the recent acquisition of the AutoClaim App provides ABOT with an enormous growth opportunity in this untapped market.


This is usually around the time of year when the Small Markets really begin to heat up… so it could be the perfect time to visit one of the year’s most exciting small market situations!

The real discoveries on the small markets are when you find tomorrow’s big companies in their infant stages… and see them explode into something gigantic.

ABOT’s Flagship Product – AutoClaim App could revolutionize the Auto Claim Industry.

The App will be available as a free download for personal use to over 200Mln licensed drivers in the U.S. All drivers, including, commercial fleets, municipalities, and government agencies can utilize this App.

ABOT has a LOT going for them at the moment. Let’s review:

They are also on an acquisition warpath that is landing great assets for the Company.

By now, I hope we have your undivided attention.

It’s time to get ready; we could have something big on our hands.

This technology giant could be one of the biggest “hidden gems” we’ve seen so far this year!

Currently at just .40 there could be a Massive Upside.

We urge our members to do further research and get ready for the morning… we could have our sights on the next giant tonight!

Remember, we always encourage you to do further research. Never take our word for it, read our disclaimer to see why, and of course always consult a professional.

Just because a situation looks great things can still go wrong and often do. Be smart and protect yourself.

Talk with you soon,
NewPowerAlert Team