With Clients Including Sony, Chevrolet, Nike, and
ESPN, Major Acquisition Just Completed and Significant
Tech Portfolio of Patents, UBIQ Positioned to Spike

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January has been a month to remember. It’s been a great month; in fact, you could say it’s been a perfect month. Either way, one thing is certain… it’s not over. By now I’m sure you are all aware of the current streak that remains unblemished in this New Year. In fact, yesterday’s 84pct runner was up again today making it a 2 day 93pct week… so far.

We’ve been profiling quality situations, which is very much the case this afternoon. In fact, before we go any further take a moment to visit the link below and watch the short 2-minute video halfway down the page. It’s only 2 minutes and it’s very cool… you will be amazed:

Pretty remarkable stuff… now consider that Ubiquity (UBIQ) just announced the completion of an acquisition that ads approximately 1.2Mln Dlrs to the Company’s revenues.

But still, that’s just the beginning… UBIQ has some of the coolest, cutting edge, breakthrough technologies that I can recall seeing anywhere on the small markets. And we’re not the only ones to think so, just look at their client list… it includes some of the biggest & most notable brands in the world:

Are you kidding me? With its products being used by names like this it is no wonder why UBIQ is stirring up such a storm, so let’s get to it:

Tonight's new play is
Ubiquity, Inc. (UBIQ)

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UBIQ Quote

Ubiquity is a technology development and licensing company that holds an extensive portfolio of patents across multiple technology market verticals. UBIQ’s products bring these patents to life, combining amazing visual design, high quality motion graphics, social networking technologies, advanced software and intelligent video compression.

One of the most important of UBIQ’s patents is called Sprocket, which is an easy to use navigation tool that simplifies the management of digital life.

After raising more than 11M in financing, UBIQ plans to continue its investment in its IP and Product portfolio as well as expand their operation to address rapidly growing development efforts including the launch of Sprocket.

To get a full grasp of what UBIQ has accomplished in recent months and their goals, check out their 2014 Third Quarter Business Update

UBIQ has developed an intuitive user interface which:

  1. Enables access to all content from any device in a simple format
  2. Has enabled the search and identification of any object and image in all video and digital media
  3. Has developed a platform for mobile transactions including the integration of payments, money transfers, coupons and gifts

Their patent portfolio covers a broad range of methods and technologies including next-gen guidance and navigation, high quality and intelligent video compression, lifestyle services and targeting, immersive advertising and interactive commerce.

UBIQ’s products bring these patents to life, combining amazing visual design, high quality motion graphics, social networking technologies, advanced software and intelligent video compression.

Sprocket is an exciting new way to interact and manage online and mobile services including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Netflix, Flickr, Yelp, Wikipedia, and Living Social as well as top media sources such as USA Today, The New York Times, Gawker and Deadspin.

What UBIQ really has with Sprocket is the be-all and end-all of “social media aggregation,” which is the Holy Grail for Venture Capitalists which have spent Mln’s on companies like RebelMouse, Stackla and Hootsuite.

The Sprocket will be available on all major devices including the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.

WEAV is their patented web services platform that allows for the very easy integration and blending of web, mobile and video services in the cloud. It is highly secure, extremely flexible and allows for easy development of Web 3.0 services that combine data and content services in a new way.

Sprocket isn’t the only patent in UBIQ’s portfolio – they also have Lifestyle portal which is integrated into the Sprocket product, Immersive advertising and commerce that enables the easy visualization and customization of products and services, Super Compression, a next generation compression format that will provide crisp and highly efficient video transmission and Mobile Editing, which allows for on the go video editing and production.

The upside potential for this technology looks big right now, especially when you consider the recent activity in this marketplace:

With well over 2B people using the internet today and over 90% of the globe owning a mobile phone, UBIQ has a product that has the potential to dominate this market.

From social media to Netflix and Yelp, the Sprocket helps to simplify the management of all digital services. With a technology like this, the number of applications are practically endless.

UBIQ has already proven they know what they are doing and has been beyond successful over the past year. For the Quarter ending March 31, 2014, UBIQ reported Total Revenue of 269k, with a gross profit of 230k.

In that Quarter alone, the Company posted bigger numbers than their entire Full Year 2013 total revenue.

Also, earlier today, UBIQ announced the signing of an agreement to acquire Coversant, Inc. In 2014 Coversant recorded revenues of approximately 1.2Mln Dlrs.

Coversant is a developer of a SoapBox platform classified as an “Internet of Things Service Bus” (loT-SB) which can securely and efficiently connect devices, sensors, and actuators to users, applications and databases for data analysis and process control.

UBIQ raised 11Mln Dlrs; it’s well funded and seems to have an extraordinary patent estate of cutting edge technology services… its future could be quite bright.

In the last couple of weeks this Company saw a significant dip and could be in a prime position for something big.

Consider the recent drop. Consider the recent acquisition, the news and other developments… we could be looking at major bounce potential.

A rise up to previous levels could potentially represent significant percentages. So don’t wait another minute, get going on your research right away.

Remember, we always encourage you to do further research. Never take our word for it, read our disclaimer to see why, and of course always consult a professional.

Just because a situation looks great things can still go wrong and often do. Be smart and protect yourself.

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