QWTR has Solution to Global Water Crisis, Inking Deals with
Govt's, Innovative Technology has Indicators Flashing Green

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Tonight I’m bringing you a fresh situation worthy of serious excitement. If the past two weeks have indicated anything it’s that summer is coming to a close and the markets are heating up. This is our first post-summer profile… and it’s a whopper with a hot chart, an even hotter technology, and MLNs in product orders that could take it to the next level. So let me begin by asking you a simple question: “What is the most important thing in the world?”

Well tonight we’re looking at a company that could ignite the small markets with a miraculous technology that just might prove that the answer to this globally encompassing question is… “water”. But for reasons you probably have not considered. (click here to watch a must see video produced by QWTR)

Sure about 65% of our bodies are made of water, as is 2/3rds of the earth… yet as compelling as such stats are scientifically they do little to prove the power behind tonight’s play… and tonight’s play could be a giant.

Tonight’s profiled company seems to be the “Real Deal” with a spectacular technology and a chart that is screaming Green, Green, Green. So let’s get to it:

Tonight’s new profile is
Quest Water Global, Inc. (QWTR)

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Quest Water Global is an innovative water technology company, and developer of the AQUAtap Community Drinking Water Station and WEPS Atmospheric Water Extraction and Purification System. QWTR has already received major orders for their product, including a 1.8Mln Dlr order from the government of Angola as part of Angola’s recently launched a 650Mln Dlr “Water for All” initiative with the aim to provide clean water to 80% of its rural population and 50% of urban dwellers by 2015.

The 15-unit order is for the initial purchase of a minimum of 150 AQUAtap systems that the Company’s Angolan partner will market independently to private and non-profit organizations in Angola.

The Company’s goal is to provide an alternative, sustainable source of pure water at the smallest possible environmental cost, while becoming a leading company in providing turn-key solutions using alternative energy for the purification, desalination, and distribution of clean drinking water.

According to the United Nations’ World Health Organization unsafe water is responsible for more than three billion cases of illness and five million deaths annually.

The death rate for children from the lack of clean drinking water alone is estimated at one every twenty seconds. Those numbers may rise in the early years of this century as the world population surpassed 7Bln in 2011 and is expected to top 8Bln by 2028.

This is one of the biggest issues facing our planet today. QWTR’s proven technologies can be used to create economically viable products that address the critical shortage of clean drinking water in developing countries.

As the problem of water scarcity and droughts continue to spread the market for these products is growing at an amazing rate.

The global water purifier market revenues are expected to grow at the compounded annual growth rate of around 10% through 2013-2018 which is projected to double in size by the end of 2018.

The sale of equipment, technology and treatment chemicals generates approximately 80B per year for the Global Water Market.

The Company has three key technologies that place them at the forefront of this market:

1. AQUAtap
2. WEPS Technology
3. Patented sewage and waste water treatment system

WEPS Technology
QWTR’s proprietary atmospheric Water Extraction and Purification Systems, known as WEPS, can provide water scarce regions with alternate, sustainable, pure sources of water without exploiting current, limited freshwater resources.

The WEPS technology operates by converting humidity into water, the atmosphere contains approximately 13k cubic km of fresh water as water vapour, six times the amount of water in all of the rivers worldwide.

If all 7Bln people on Earth used water from atmospheric water extraction processors at 50 liters per day, they would consume daily only 0.0025% of available atmospheric water. WEPS technology does not exploit local water supplies, and the system uses no chemicals and produces no pollution or harmful by-products in producing clean drinking water.

QWTR has also developed a proprietary community drinking water station consisting of a self-contained water purification system using either a reverse osmosis membrane or ultrafiltration membrane, powered by photovoltaic solar panels and hosted in modified shopping containers.

Each AQUAtap unit is energy self-sufficient with minimal operational and maintenance costs.
QWTR believes this product represents the first truly environmentally sound solution to drinking water shortages as each unit is capable of converting brackish, sea or contaminated surface water into 20k litres of high quality drinking water each day, suitable for 1k people.

Sewage and Waste Water Treatment Systems
The Company’s technology portfolio also includes a patented sewage and waste water treatment system. This technology is a continuous-flow water/suspended-solids primary separation system. The process mechanically separates solids from liquids, without the use of membranes or filters.

With such efficient technologies, QWTR provides numerous effective solutions to one of the world’s greatest problems, Water Scarcity.

Without water life on this planet could not even exist. Not just in other countries but right here at home we are facing one of the biggest droughts this country has ever seen. Governor Jerry Brown of California even declared a State of Emergency following the state’s driest year on record.

According to a U.S. Government report, 36 states are already facing water shortages or will be facing one within the next few years.

Scientists all across the world are sounding the alarm that “mega droughts,” which haven’t been seen in hundreds of years, may be right around the corner.

All across our planet countries are facing unprecedented droughts, out of control population increases and water pollution. To get an idea on how big of a problem this is and how important QWTR’s solution is; simply take a look at these insane figures:

Right now, the US uses approximately 148T gallons of fresh water per year. At this current rate, there is no way this number could be sustainable in the long run.
Approximately 1 in every 9 people lack access to clean water.
3.4Mln people die each year from water related diseases
Although 2.5% of the Earth’s water is freshwater, just more than 1.2% of all freshwater is readily available.
Global estimates of the population in developing countries that lack access to safe drinking water range from 1.1 to 1.4B.

With Bln’s spent each year trying to fight Water Pollution and Scarcity, the market is ready and waiting for a new and more efficient technology just like those of QWTR to provide a clean water solution to the world.

Water is the most important of all our planets resources and the current path we are heading down could lead to a crisis unlike anything we have ever faced. The forces at work to fight such a crisis and come up with a solution are extremely well funded and have limitless resources to fight such a key issue.

Governments won’t hesitate to spend Bln’s if not Trln’s to come up with a solution to such a massive problem.

Now this might just be the most impressive Company, most impressive technology and most impressive markets we have ever had the pleasure of profiling. Now it’s time to crank things up a notch, just take a look at these indicators and you will see what I mean:

Barchart Overall Average: Green

Composite Indicators
Trendspotter: Green

Short Term Indicators
10 – 8 Day Moving Average Hilo Channel: Green
20 Day Moving Average vs Price: Green
20 – 50 Day MACD Oscillator: Green
20 Day Bollinger Bands: Green

Medium Term Indicators
50 Day Moving Average vs Price: Green
50 Day Parabolic Time/Price: Green

The Chart Indicators on StockTA are even more impressive:

StockTA Chart Indicators

Chart Analysis:
Short: Bullish
Intermediate: Bullish

Exponential Moving Average
Short: Very Bullish
Intermediate: Very Bullish
Long: Very Bullish

Moving Average Convergence/Divergence
Intermediate: Very Bullish
Long: Very Bullish

Relative Strength Index
Intermediate: Bullish

Three Day Displaced Moving Average
Intermediate: Bullish

Short: Bullish

Low Analysis
Short: Very Bullish

Trend Analysis
Intermediate: Bullish
Long: Bullish

Short: Very Bullish

With the Chart looking extremely Bullish and nearly every indicator on both Barchart and StockTA showing “Green,” “Bullish” or “Very Bullish” the sky could be the limit.

Currently at just .08 even a slight move could translate to huge percentages.

This profile is filled with information and there is so much more available out there for you to research.

There is nothing average about QWTR so don’t take it lightly; get started on researching this exciting young company right away.

Remember, we always encourage you to do further research. Never take our word for it, read our disclaimer to see why, and of course always consult a professional.

Just because a situation looks great things can still go wrong and often do. Be smart and protect yourself.

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