Breakout Alert: Barchart's Opinion of MXLGF is 96% Strong Green!

With over $12 Million in Assets MXLGF is Taking Off!

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Normally we focus on relatively small situations - not tonight.

Tonight's play has a mill in British Columbia that is valued at over $200M.

Tonight's play has a near perfect chart - 96% Strong Green Opinion from Barchart.

StockTA calls it "Overall Bullish".

The Company's President is the former manager of Goldcorp's famous Penasquito mine - the largest gold mine in Mexico.

He had over 1400 employees reporting directly to his office.

In 2015, the mine produced more than 860K ounces of gold. At today's prices that's over $1.15B in gold!

Now he's turned his focus to a new project, the company we're focused on tonight:

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MXLGF's indicators are beautiful:

Enough said!

But here's the scary part - the chart is just the beginning; there is so much more to the MXLGF story:

Tonight's Major Summer Scorcher Play is:
MX Gold Corp (MXLGF)

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MXLGF Overview Report

MX Gold Corp. is a junior mining company focused on the mining, exploration and development of advanced projects located in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, CA. The company has 4 projects, yet is currently focused on its Willa Mine and a recent acquisition know as Max Mine and Mill.

In it's most recent financial statement the company reported assets exceeding $12M!

Recent News: 

In recent news the Company just completed a $1.3M fundraising that seemed to take them only about a week to complete... and it was oversubscribed!

According to the news, warrants entitle "the holder to purchase one additional common share at a price of $0.75."

MXLGF closed today at .25. For it to hit that .75 mark it would have to increase 200%!

See the news here:
MX Gold Corp. Closes Oversubscribed Private Placement

They had just announced the Private Placement on the 5th of this month:
MX Gold Corp. Announces Private Placement

Willa Mine Project

MXLGF's primary focus is its high-grade Willa gold and copper project located 12 kilometers south of Silverton, B.C. The property has a surface area of approximately 5,329 hectares and consists of twenty-one mineral claims.

The Willa Gold, Copper and Silver mine contains high-grade resources as outlined below and has been explored since the 1890's when the area was dubbed the "Silvery Slocan." The property houses major gold and copper resources along with identified silver resources and has been extensively explored and researched, which has contributed to well measured resource estimates. Between 1980 and 2005, the property was owned by various companies - including BP Minerals and Rio Algom - who collectively invested about $18M to explore and develop the property. As you can imagine, this means solid access to the location and many of the property's "kinks" already worked out.

Survey results indicate that at a cut-off grade of 3.5 g gold/t, current Measured and Indicated mineral resources stand at 758,000 tonnes grading 6.67 g gold/t, 0.85% copper and 12.54 g silver/t.

Max Mine and Mill Complex: 

In 2015, MX Gold completed the accretive acquisition (100% ownership) of the Willa project and the Max Molybedum Mine and Mill Complex, a fully permitted 1000 tonne per day mill and tailings facility.

This facility is nearly brand new and is regarded as a first rate production center and was purchased for just $6M. This is wildly impressive considering the fact that, up to 2012, in an effort to build a molybdenum operation that unfortunately failed because of the collapse in moly prices, Roca Mines & Forty Two Metals invested over $100 million building the Max Mine and Mill.

Further, the Company's investment came with a $50M tax pool, which will serve as a major benefit to MX in the coming years of its operation. The mine and facility are so pristine that they won the 2009 B.C. Mining & Sustainability Award.

Engineers for the Company have stated that the process of treating the mineralized gold-copper-silver material from the Willa mine, as opposed to the originally intended molybdenum, is a relatively simple technical transition for this mill and will require minimal capital expenditure.

The acquisition of the mine, and more importantly the mill complex, is a brilliant move by the Company. MX Gold Corp. is embodying the critical vertical integration strategy that increases the likelihood of making junior mining companies successful.

Once the Willa mine is prepared for development, the Company will have complete and controlled access to a state of the art production facility with low CAPEX and OPEX because of the nature of its acquisition.


Gold has recently rallied to a new two-year high.

Investors have been snapping up gold as the value of the euro and the pound have fallen in the wake of the Brexit.

And so it's time for a new gold play... and not just any gold play - MXLGF is a BEAST!

MXLGF seems to be a deep value play with a mill in British Columbia that is valued at $200M plus!

Permitting and building one is not easy in this region, which is why it is shocking to see MXLGF with a $25M capitalization (based on today's close).

This year and through 2017 as it makes its way into production, this could be one of the most talked about gold companies - the small taste we've seen thus far has it lighting up the small markets as we speak!

MXLGF closed just over .25 cents today, climbing off the day's low of .23.

Just over a month ago MXLGF was sitting at 9 cents!

After a pullback over the past couple of days, MXLGF began climbing again in the last couple of hours of today's session.

If this run continues, how high can it go?

MXLGF is starting to gain serious attention because it is so much more than a pretty chart, it has numbers and operations that are mind boggling for a company that closed today at just a quarter.

The CEO just purchased 255K shares.

Another company he owns recently "agreed to a $7M credit facility to advance to the WillaMaxProject."

Those are actions of a confident man who obviously feels confident in the future of MXLGF.

Check out these Management Bios:

Note: MX Gold Corp is also traded on the TSX.V under the symbol MXL. MXL closed at .325 today. Its average volume is over 2.3M.

Like I said at the start, tonight's play is anything but normal.

This company is lighting up the markets with high volume and after what looks like some profit taking it could be poised to make another big move.

We urge members to take Swift Action, start researching MXLGF right away.

As always, we encourage you to do further research.

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