Hottest Sectors Unite, PMCB Operating in
both MJ and Biotech with Huge Upside as
they Target Cancer and Diabetes Treatment

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Tonight it’s time to focus on what could be one of the hottest Biotech plays of 2015. Yes, that’s a bold statement… but we’re talking about a very bold company… and it operates in the TWO hottest, most active sectors on the small markets: Cannabis and Biotech!

If you’ve been with us for a while or even just since the start of 2015, you know that some of our biggest runners of all time have come from one of these two industries… MJ or Biotech. PharmaCyte Biotech (PMCB) has operations in both:

As just a small market company PMCB received “orphan drug” designation from the US FDA for the Company’s pancreatic cancer treatment! PMCB now has exclusive rights to a technology that could redefine the way we treat pancreatic cancer.

PharmaCyte Biotech is developing treatments for cancer based upon chemical constituents of the Cannabis plant, known as cannabinoids.

Since the middle of last year, as you can see in the chart, PMCB provided many trade opportunities as it rose and fell consistently, many times over many months, from the .30 range to the .15 range.

Just recently it slipped a bit lower… it closed today at .11. This could be a remarkable bottom floor situation.

The Company is in the process of beginning a preclinical study. This could be happening ANYTIME NOW. Once up and running we could see plenty of reason for PMCB followers to get excited…

… and a swing back up from this level would mean enormous percentages!

PMCB is also a better class of company, a “best of the best” on the small markets, if you will…so let’s get to it:

Tonight's New Play is:
PharmaCyte Biotech, Inc. (PMCB)

Company Website

Annual Report


PharmaCyte Biotech was formerly known as Nuvilex. The company underwent a name change in January of this year to become PharmaCyte Biotech (PMCB).

Before we even get into the operations (and they are impressive) I want to show you something… something you can use in this situation and others to help determine long-term trends.

What I’m going to show you here is a quarter-by-quarter breakdown of highs and lows for the past 8 quarters (two years):

FY 2013:
First Quarter - High 07c – Low 05c
Second Quarter - High 07c – Low 05c
Third Quarter - High 04c – Low 03c
Fourth Quarter - High 10c – Low 03c

FY 2014:
First Quarter - High 17c – Low 10c
Second Quarter - High 17c – Low 11c
Third Quarter - High 20c – Low 09c
Fourth Quarter - High 51c – Low 27c

What you can see here is a general trend. In 2013 when the company was finding its way, there was some volatility at low levels with the high just reaching into double-digits at 10 cents.

In 2014 it continued this general trend of moving upward over time, yet in the interim there was still significant volatility. We’re talking constant doubles or more... quarter after quarter.

Then it hits .51… amazing. Someone who had it from just .03, a few quarters prior, could have seen a run of 1600pct.

And you ask why I love small market Biotechs? THIS IS WHY! They have a massive following and can be extremely volatile.

Just learn the pattern. What is the trend?

Now here it is in 2015 and it closed today at .11, not too far off of its low of .095… so what do you think will happen next?

Now lets take a closer look at PharmaCyte Biotech (PMCB):

PMCB is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on developing and preparing to commercialize treatments for cancer and diabetes based upon a proprietary cellulose-based live cell encapsulation technology known as Cell-in-a-Box.

As we touched on earlier, the Company changed its name from Nuvilex to PharmaCyte Biotech last month. This name change is part of the process to operate as a pure Biotech firm leveraging its Cell-in-a-Box technology.

This unique and patented technology will be used as a platform upon which treatments are being built for several types of cancer, including advanced inoperable pancreatic cancer, and diabetes.

PMCB is working towards improving the quality of life for patients with advanced pancreatic cancer and on treatments for other types of solid cancerous tumors.

In fact, just a couple months back, PMCB announced that the U.S. FDA has granted them Orphan Drug Designation for its pancreatic cancer treatment.

PMCB’s treatment for pancreatic cancer involves low doses of the well-known anticancer prodrug ifosfamide, together with encapsulated live cells, which convert ifosfamide into its active or “cancer-killing” form. These capsules are placed as close to the tumor as possible to enable the delivery of the highest levels of the cancer-killing drug directly at the source of the cancer. This "targeted chemotherapy" has proven remarkably effective in past clinical trials.

In addition, PharmaCyte Biotech is developing treatments for cancer based upon chemical constituents of the Cannabis plant, known as cannabinoids.

As part of their research into cannabinoids, the Company has been examining ways to exploit the benefits of Cell-in-a-Box technology in optimizing the anticancer effectiveness of cannabinoids, while minimizing or outright eliminating the debilitating side effects usually associated with cancer treatments.

PMCB plans to use this breakthrough technology to develop “Green” approaches to fighting deadly cancers, such as those of the pancreas, brain and breast, which affect hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide each year.

One thing of which this Company is particularly focused on is Diabetes. Type One and Two diabetes are both wreaking havoc across the world and in the U.S. alone more than 29.1Mln people are affected.

The market for the treatments PMCB are working on are absolutely enormous.

Right now biotech and cannabis are two of the hottest sectors and PMCB is involved with both of them.

Not only is this Company operating in the hottest markets out there, but have also made some enormous developments in recent months which have placed them on the cutting-edge of these markets.

Now let’s take a look at some the groundbreaking developments made by PMCB over the last year or so:

"With exciting developments on the horizon for 2015, our work to develop treatments for both cancer and diabetes will move forward under our new name because it speaks to what we actually do here at PharmaCyte Biotech," concluded Mr. Waggoner, CEO of PharmaCyte Biotech.

Further information on recent developments can be found here:
Shareholder Update on Cancer and Diabetes Programs

There was also an Analyst Report issued by BrokerBank Securities earlier this month. Access the analyst report here:
PharmaCyte Biotech Analyst Report

With the size of this market and a disruptive technology PMCB stands a chance to make a great leap in 2015, and the recent developments have shown a great upside potential.

Management believes its objective is to become an industry-leader.

PMCB may have one of the most exclusive Biotech technologies that we’ve seen in the small markets for quite some time.

Also consider that PMCB is not only a biotech but that it is also developing MJ based treatments making it a part of the two hottest sectors on the small markets right now MJ and Biotech.

Currently at just .11 there could be significant upside potential.

So get started on researching this exciting young pharma beast immediately… it could get very exciting very quickly.

Remember, we always encourage you to do further research. Never take our word for it, read our disclaimer to see why, and of course always consult a professional.

Just because a situation looks great things can still go wrong and often do. The past is not always a good indication of what the future will bring. Be smart and protect yourself. 

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