Total Assets Topping 3.8 Mln Dlrs, Impressive Overseas Sales, Traction in Multi-Bln Dlr Industry, Potential Buyout Target Turning Indicators Green for STOY

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I hope you are enjoying this three-day weekend on which we remember those who helped shape and defend our great nation. Many of us spend these three days with our families as we unofficially ring in the upcoming summer season… and it is in that spirit that we bring you a New Fun-Filled Mega Play tonight to “unofficially” kick off the Hottest season with our Hottest pick:

Put STOY on the very top of your Watchlist for tomorrow morning

The head of STOY is the former number-two executive at Disney Interactive. Former executives from Sony and Electronic Arts Inc. help round out the world-class team:

In fact, one editor in a raving report on STOY, says:

STOY And Its Spiral Technology Creates A Vital Link Between The $22 Billion A Year Toy Industry and Exploding Mobile Applications Industry Worth More Than $25 Billion – Investors Take Note!

Before we go any further, check out this professional TV commercial for STOY’s CloudPets product (already has thousands of views):
YouTube Video: STOY TV Commercial

Do yourself a favor and watch it. This has “next big thing” potential written all over it!

In fact, while you’re on YouTube why not check out the other instructional videos on STOY’s products.

Important: This is “Must See” material because these products have seen Crazy releases overseas and now they’re coming to the US!

Who knows how big this new “craze” could get?

Do I have your attention yet?

I hope so, because tonight’s play is highly impressive … I mean a price target of up to 1.50? Wow. If it moves there from its current level it would be a colossal percentage move!

Oh, and did I mention the “Green” Opinion on Barchart?

Or the “Bullish” recent candlestick analysis on StockTA?

Yes, the chart on STOY is a thing of beauty… it’s scorching hot… just in time for summer.

I almost feel like we could end this profile here… the highlights we’ve already looked at are staggering… but we’re just getting started!

So don’t take tonight’s play lightly, STOY has a LOT going for it right now. So keep reading, do your research and be ready; tomorrow morning will be here soon:

Tonight's new play is Spiral Toys (STOY)

Must See Report
Caprock Research report
Company Website

STOY Quote

Spiral Toys develops, markets, and sells products and mobile applications in the mobile connected space. Spiral Toys has developed several technology platforms that enable it to acquire and engage consumers in the sale and marketing of physical consumer products and toys.

STOY collects revenue on both the physical purchase of goods and the sale of digital content through Apple’s App Store and on the Google Marketplace.

STOY’s flagship core technology is based on its ToyCloud platform, which enables physical toys to be connected to Apple and Android devices through the company’s proprietary Bluetooth Smart technology and cloud-based services. Currently there are two applications of the company’s technology: the trademarked “CloudPets” toy line and TagIt:

CloudPets – lets users send a message to anyone, from anywhere, and have that message delivered through a teddy bear.

CloudPets retail from 29.95 to 39.95: On June 27, 2014, 10K CloudPetsTM were released in Australia, and 50K units were released in the United Kingdom on July 1, 2014. The company’s initial production run was sold out, and CloudPetsTM are “currently on backorder, according to Caprock Research.

Spiral technology allows CloudPets to send and receive messages via mobile devices, powers the CloudPets mobile apps and even enables the addition of features in the future to make CloudPets do even more.

STOY’s proprietary Bluetooth Smart communications module enables each CloudPet toy to wirelessly connect with smartphones and tablets, and delivers a “message you can hug” from anywhere in the world.

TagIt - allows the seamless integration of fun stickers and the growing world of digital communications. Every TagIt sticker can be programmed with messages, photos and even videos.

STOY’s mobile connected entertainment platform connects physical items to today’s top mobile devices through wireless technologies, creating a whole new type of interactive user experience.

STOY completed the international launch of its first product in the summer of 2014. 10K units were released in Australia on June 27 and 40K units released in the UK on July 01.

STOY sells its products worldwide; and is developing additional applications based on its platform technology for several different verticals within the entertainment industry.

Take a look at this quote from a recent Stock Report:
“STOY And Its Spiral Technology Creates A Vital Link Between The $22 Billion A Year Toy Industry and Exploding Mobile Applications Industry Worth More Than $25 Billion – Investors Take Note!”

In fact, if you missed the links up top, take a moment to review these recently released STOY reports:

SmallCapIR even gave STOY a Near Term Price Target of $1.25-$1.50 with a “Rating: Buy”. At its current level of just .49, that could represent a more than 200pct increase.

STOY seems to be well established in their marketplace and have even been seen on such TV Channels as: Nickelodeon; Cartoon Network; ABC Family, Disney Junior and Disney XD.

The markets for Spiral Toys products are enormous:

Perhaps most importantly: Companies that connect the physical world to the digital world are hot acquisition targets on Wall Street. Google and Facebook have spent a combined 5.2 Bln Dlrs on acquisitions so far.

STOY was founded in 2011 by a former Senior Executive at Walt Disney and a Studio General Manager at both Sony Computer Entertainment and Midway Games, the company’s management team and board brings together a wealth of experience to make Spiral Toys a true team of experts.

The Company’s Management Team & Board is also made up of former executives and board members at Electronic Arts, Facebook and Amazon.

STOY was founded at the perfect time for its industry as the last 5 years has seen a maturation of ideas and technology and this has helped to turn emerging tech companies into world-class assets.

Here are just a few examples:

Close to 20 Bln Dlrs has been spent on acquisitions by major blue chip players over the last 5 years and the consensus is that this figure could quadruple by 2020.

As this is one of the hottest sectors out there, we have seen a lot of new entries into this marketplace but not many stack up to STOY.

STOY has concluded a funding of approximately $750,000 and is currently selling its products worldwide, while developing additional applications based on its platform technology for several different verticals within the entertainment industry. The company also acts as co-developer with major entertainment studios.

STOY is one of only a handful of companies that operates in the mobile connectivity space with strong reporting credentials. As an OTC QB listed company, STOY occupies a higher tier and could possess a very strong trading profile.

Speaking of the "trading" side… the chart is gorgeous and we’re not the only ones who think so. As we speak Barchart even has a “Green” Opinion of STOY!

Recent CandleStick Analysis: Bullish

Short Term Indicators
Moving Average Convergence/Divergence: Very Bullish
High Analysis: Very Bullish
20 – 50 Day MACD Oscillator: Green

Medium Term Indicators
Exponential Moving Average: Bullish
Moving Average Convergence/Divergence: Very Bullish
Three Day Displaced Moving Average: Bullish
Fibonacci: Bullish
50 Day Moving Average vs Price: Green
20 – 100 Day MACD Oscillator: Green

Long Term Indicators
Moving Average Convergence/Divergence: Very Bullish
Trend Analysis: Very Bullish
100 Day Moving Average vs Price: Green
50 – 100 Day MACD Oscillator: Green

In a recent Press Release, STOY announced an initial purchase order of 500K units of its flagship CloudPets toy line from partner Jay&Play, an established global distributor servicing retailers such as Walmart, Target, TRU, Kmart and Bed Bath and Beyond.

This news marks the largest order of Spiral-enabled products to date and is a result of the CloudPets April direct response campaign.

This substantial order follows the launch of a large-scale, nationwide advertising campaign for CloudPets, which is running more than 3.8K individual commercials on the country's most popular children's television networks.

"We believe that the CloudPets orders will raise the manufacturing revenue outlook for Q2 and Q3, as well as digital revenue in Q4," said CEO Mark Meyers. "We're very excited by this initial purchase order and believe it will pave the way for the continued development of additional lines of business."

STOY is the “real deal” and not a profile you want to miss… it could be just too pretty to let pass by.

One thing is clear; STOY has a lot going on. It has that “next big thing” potential and it seems as though no matter from what angle you view STOY it looks awesome right now.

Currently at.49 there could be a large upside… the chart is a thing of beauty right now and the recent candlestick analysis is “Bullish” as we speak!

Not to mention the Company received a “Near Term Target” of 1.25 - 1.50 from an independent research firm.

Get started on researching STOY right away.

Remember, we always encourage you to do further research. Never just take our word for it. Read our disclaimer and always consult a professional.

Just because a situation looks great things can still go wrong and often do. Be smart and protect yourself.

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