Red-Hot New Alert IFBC Explodes into $37 Billion Market, Posts 670% Revenue Increase!

Barchart says Overall "Buy". Do Not Miss This Profile.

Hello and good afternoon,

Tonight's new play reminds me of an interview I saw years ago. I searched and searched for that interview because I wanted to show it to you tonight, but this interview took place a long time ago.

The interview was with Ace Greenberg and I Don Marron, if I recall correctly. Towards the end of the interview Mr. Greenberg was asked to - as quickly as possible - sum up what makes stocks rise and fall.

Mr. Greenberg said (and I'm paraphrasing): "Companies that make money, their stock will go up. Companies that lose money, their stock will go down."

Plain and simple.

If you find the interview, please send me a link, because I searched and searched and couldn't find it anywhere.

Yet, to this day, it's still one of the most clear and concise explanations I've ever heard about how things work.

Which brings us to tonight's new play, IFBC... a revenue generating machine:

* For the same period last year they posted 59K

... that's 670% growth!

... the current run rate has the company on track for about $1.344 Million this year.

That's 55% growth year over year... up 128% in 2 years... 579% in 3 years.

The numbers are astonishing.

Any way we compare them, two thing become clear:
  1. IFBC has a track record of producing revenues, and
  2. IFBC's numbers are growing quickly
* The company currently has assets totaling more than $1.6 Million

These big numbers alone are certainly worthy of our attention... and yet they're just the beginning of IFBC's story tonight:

... which means we could see these numbers growing even faster.

IFBC is growing into a juggernaut!

And did I tell you that it closed today at just .014?

Are you kidding me?

We could be looking at a massively undervalued situation here tonight, so get ready, conduct your research... tomorrow could be a lot of fun: 

Tonight's new play is 
Italian Food & Beverage Corp (IFBC)

Company Website

Just Wine Website

IFBC Quote

Italian Food & Beverage Corp. establishes and develops brands committed to fulfill customer needs throughout the world while providing the finest experiences based on the Italian wine and food culture. IFBC operates as an importer, exporter, merchant, distributor and dealer of fine wine and food products.

The Company and its subsidiaries have established wholesale distribution headquarters, offices and warehouses in several countries including Italy, Singapore, Austria, Hungary and the UK.

The Italian wine and food figures are staggering:

The largest population of wine drinkers in the US is the Millennials (after recently passing the Baby Boomers).

... with 2015 now behind us, all 79 million of them are now over 21... and they're very accustomed to ordering online.

Now here's the thing: online wine retail is still in its infancy... but it's growing.

Online wine sales are expected to grow by nearly 12% each year over the next four years.

Websites that shipped wine directly to paying customers had $2 Billion in sales last year, while overall US wine sales topped $36.7 Billion.

In other words, online wine is growing at a rapid rate and there is still a very large piece of that pie to capture.

IFBC seems to be well positioned to grab as big of a slice as possible!

The Chart:

IFBC is no stranger to Big Breakouts:

... that's a move of 183%!

And now IFBC's chart is heating up once again:

Barchart Opinion - Overall Green

TrendSpotter: Green

Short Term Indicators:
Exponential Moving Average: Very Bullish
Fibonacci: Bullish
Low Analysis: Very Bullish
10 - 8 Day Moving Average Hilo Channel: Green
20 - 50 Day MACD Oscillator: Green

Medium Term Indicators
Moving Average Convergence/Divergence: Very Bullish
Three-Day Displaced Moving Average: Bullish
Fibonacci: Bullish
50 Day Moving Average vs Price: Green
20 - 100 Day MACD Oscillator: Green

Long Term Indicators
Exponential Moving Average: Very Bullish
Moving Average Convergence/Divergence: Very Bullish
Fibonacci: Very Bullish
100 Day Moving Average vs Price: Green
50 - 100 Day MACD Oscillator: Green

After the recent run brought it up to nearly .02, IFBC has slid back a bit. Now at .014 the RSI of 44 indicates it is oversold.

Is it now ready to make another run?

Will it try for another run at the 52-week high of .0205?

IFBC is an exciting situation that has been very hot of late.

Currently at just .014 there could be a major upside.

Be sure to have IFBC on the very top of your trading screen tomorrow.

This is not a profile you'll want to miss, so don't. Get started on your research right away.

We could be in for another big day ahead!

As always, we encourage you to do further research.

NewPowerAlert Team