Today's New .02 Cent Biotech Alert is Tengion, Inc. (TNGN)

This clinical-stage regenerative medicine biotech gives us a glimpse at the future of medical science

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Today's new profiled company is:
Tengion, Inc. (TNGN)

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Tengion is a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company, focused on developing its Organ Regeneration Platform. Through its unique and integrated technology platform, they are researching and developing product candidates with the potential to transform the treatment of organ and tissue impairment, failure and loss.

The goal of this technology is to harness the regenerative pathways of the body to regenerate a range of organs and tissues with the goal of delaying or eliminating the need for chronic disease therapies, organ transplantation, and the administration of anti-rejection medications.

With its groundbreaking technology platform TNGN could become a serious player in the field of regenerative medicine. In other words they use a patient’s own cells to develop products that regenerate, repair or replace diseased dysfunctional human organs and tissues.

The field of regenerative medicine is an up-and-coming new approach for targeting and treating diseases, involving the repair and restoration of previously damaged tissues or organs in the body. The idea of regenerating tissues has caused much excitement, as it offers huge potential to change the face of medicine.

Regenerative medicine is considered by many to be one of the hottest Biotech growth market; a report by cites that the regenerative medicine market will catapult to over $35B by 2019.

Tengion is developing a diverse pipeline of novel cell and tissue based regenerative medicine therapies for patients who are experiencing organ and tissue impairment, failure and loss.

TNGN is supporting the clinical development of the following product candidates:

Tengion’s Organ Regeneration Platform has the potential to identify product candidates for several gastrointestinal and vascular diseases and conditions. Partnership opportunities are being explored for the following product candidates:

The Company’s plan is to develop, manufacture and market a suite of autologous regenerative products.

There are significant limitations to the current therapies for treating a range of tissue and organ abnormalities, and there is a clear need for approaches that are safer, more effective and cost-efficient.
TNGN’s technology has the potential to offer several major advantages over current best practice. The Company’s neo-organs and tissues have the potential to:

This technology has the ability to provide solutions to some of the biggest medical problems we face… just imagine being able to regenerate, repair or replace diseased dysfunctional human organs and tissues using nothing but the patient’s own cells.

Could this and/or similar bio-technologies be the future of biomedical treatments?

Only time will tell, yet certainly the thought is fascinating… and being that this bio-technology is already in clinical trials we may not have to wait too long to find out.

So get started on researching this exciting young biotech company right away.

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