Breakout Watch Alert: Medical and Recreational Marijuana Leader Medican Enterprises (MDCN) Enters the $Trillion Hip-Hop Market

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Hi and good afternoon, we have something thrilling for you tonight.

In fact, if you love excitement, you're going to love tonight’s Breakout Watch subbie play!

MDCN looks as though it could have that “magical” combination of factors we've seen in some of the big runners in the past. In fact, there are many reasons to believe that tomorrow could be another one of those Monster Days.

On May 4rd MDCN closed at 0315.

On June 3th MDCN closed at 0012.

Today MDCN closed at just 0001. So let’s do some quick math:

What if it went back to even a fraction of those levels?

For the past month or so MDCN seems to have stabilized at its current level. In fact, StockTA lists three levels of significant support around its current level!

Now that is what’s called EPIC BOUNCE potential.

So is it ready to bounce? If it is we could be looking at the Beast of all Beasts tonight… and it just doesn’t get much more exciting than that!

The thing is that MDCN has quite a bit going for it RIGHT NOW: As the following must-see 60 second video explains, MDCN is “Leading in Innovation, Quality, Variety, Research and Development” in the MedMJ and recreational MJ industry:

>>> MDCN MedMJ YouTube Video <<<

The above video further explains that MDCN is “At the forefront of MedMJ production, cultivation, and wholesale distribution.”

If any of these recent developments serve as a catalyst to light a fire under MDCN as it once had, who knows how high it could jump… it could be the next Monster:

Tonight's Breakout Watch subbie play is
Medican Enterprises, Inc. (MDCN)

Company Website
Corporate Video

MDCN Quote

Medican Enterprises is in the medical marijuana sector and with the all the recent positive announcements from their company's press releases, it could be an epic bounce situation after leveling out at its 52-week low for the past few weeks.

Oh yeah… and not only is this a subbie but also an MJ play. Just look at this statistic:

According to market research by the ArcView Group the cannabis marketplace grew 74% in 2014 to 2.7Bln in the U.S., with California comprising 49% of the market.

MDCN is a bio-pharmaceutical company focused on pursuing business opportunities in the growing medical and recreational MJ sector.

The Company is at the forefront of wholesale Med-MJ production, cultivation, and wholesale distribution of cannabis related products.

Through joint ventures with development partners all over Canada and the U.S., MDCN builds and operates Med-MJ Cultivation and Research Centers that use cutting edge pharma and agricultural technologies.

Through its subsidiaries, MDCN is seeking to invest in businesses associated with the growing, marketing, research and development, training, distribution and retail sale of medical and recreational MJ, both in the U.S. and Canada.

It isn’t often we find a Real Deal MJ play… and that’s exactly what we have on our hands today.

MDCN was created with the sole purpose of developing, and distributing Cannabis.

We have seen a whole lot of other recent developments, which give us an even greater reason to be excited.

In recent news MDCN announced a Joint Venture with El Encanto Vineyards in creating a newly branded Moscato wine that will complement the cannabis brands that Medican is bringing to market.

The vision for Medican is to have a branded wine. The initial Moscato vintage label “D420” will focus on capturing a market share of the 1.2T annual hip hop retail market.

This strategic move will create the first product in a long line of vintages to come branded under Medican labels.

You can read the full Press Release here.

A couple of the other major headlines can be read here:

The Company’s plan of operation for the next 12 months is to seek, acquire or establish Joint Ventures with businesses in the medical and recreational MJ sector. To that end:

This may just be the most impressive True MJ play we have ever seen.

The growing momentum toward legalization of MJ for both Medical and Recreational uses are pushing the growth of the U.S. Cannabis sector to the next level.

Legal MJ sales in the U.S. are projected to top 2.3Bln Dlrs in 2014, up 64% from this year’s 1.4Bln. At that rate, U.S. cannabis sales will outpace the worldwide growth of smartphone sales, which grew 46% between the 2nd quarters of 2012 and 2013.

Almost 600k consumers were expected to purchase cannabis legally from a retail storefront in 2013, according to a report by ArcView Market Research.

They also project the legal marijuana industry has the potential to reach $10.2 billion by 2018 as more states legalize cannabis. At current, 23 states and Washington D.C. have some form of legalized cannabis. The report predicts two more states will legalize medical marijuana and an additional 14 states will approve adult use within five years.

Also, if you have yet to see them, make sure you check out these Chart Indicators:

Short Term
Exponential Moving Average: Very Bullish
Moving Average Convergence/Divergence: Very Bullish
High Analysis: Very Bullish

Medium Term
Exponential Moving Average: Very Bullish
Moving Average Convergence/Divergence: Very Bullish
Three Day Displaced Moving/Average: Bullish

Long Term
Exponential Moving Average: Very Bullish
Moving Average Convergence/Divergence: Very Bullish
Trend Analysis: Bullish

With a current RSI of 32 it is pretty obvious that MDCN has been oversold of late, which could also provide supporting evidence to an upcoming bounce.

Impressed yet?

It certainly isn’t what you’d expect from a company that closed today at just 0001… as a triple-zero subbie.

Between the chart, the constant breaking news, the potentially epic bounce situation and the fact that this is a subbie play is in the MJ sector; MDCN could be ready to explode.

Currently at just 0001, the upside here could be enormous.

Based on past activity, MDCN has shown that it has the ability to make some huge moves. While leveling off of late it seems to have been building support… and if it turns north…

… watch out… this thing could fly!

And we could be in for that epic bounce that we’re always on the lookout for.

So don’t wait; get started on researching MDCN right away.

Remember, we always encourage you to do further research. Never just take our word for it. Read our disclaimer and always consult a professional. At low levels companies can be highly volatile; and remember, volatility goes both ways. Always use caution.

Just because a situation looks great things can still go wrong and often do. Be smart and protect yourself.

Enjoy your afternoon and be ready for the morning,
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